eQUEST Grip Pro LITE v2 Equestrian Gloves - White / White - END OF LINE SALE

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Our GripPro touch screen horse riding gloves bring you the ultimate in 'feel' on your reins. With our flexible grip they provide the best second skin feedback you could ask for. Chic design, coupled with forefinger & thumb conductive fabric for smartphone use. Classic design coupled with a robust modern technical fabric.  All closed up with a Velcro strap.

Fully breathable for when the going gets tough to wick away moisture and will machine wash and dry naturally ready for the next outing. Perfect for warmer temperatures and comfortable in any conditions above 5 °C, so a fantastic all-rounder!

Tried & tested by professionals in both the U.K and The Netherlands.

New for 2019 these are available in several popular equestrian colours - black/brown, black/aqua, black/white, Hi-Vis, black/purple, and black/pink. The pink and purple options have added bling!!

Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large

To ensure you select the right eGlove model and size for your exact requirements, check our GLOVE GUIDE.