BIKE GelPro Fingerless Cycling Gloves - Lightweight Grip and Protection - Black

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Optimal Grip and Protection with Fingerless Cycling Gloves


Comfortable slip on design that has velcro strap adjustment, reinforced and padded palm and finger loops for easy removal.

6 colour options that include hi-vis reflective material in the front panel.

Product Features:

  1. Lightweight design for unrestricted movement

  2. Padded palm for shock absorption and enhanced comfort

  3. Breathable materials to keep your hands cool and dry

  4. Fingerless design for maximum dexterity and control

  5. Anti-slip palm pattern for optimal grip on handlebars

  6. Velcro closure for a secure and adjustable fit

  7. Available in various sizes and colours to suit your style

  8. Durable construction for long-lasting performance


  1. Improved grip and control during cycling

  2. Protection against road vibrations and impacts

  3. Enhanced comfort for long rides

  4. Reduced hand fatigue and numbness

  5. Breathable materials prevent sweat buildup

  6. Versatile fingerless design for easy smartphone use

  7. Stylish and functional accessory for cyclists

Also great for Trail Runners and Nordic Hikers for pole use.

Available in XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL