This is something we often see debated on social media, with some people, understandably, making the case for gloveless riding, and others arguing for glove use…

Wearing gloves while horse riding is important for several reasons:

  1. Rider safety; if you have ever seen how much damage can be done when reins are pulled through a gripped hand, you would always wear gloves - the burns and cuts can be terrible!

  2. Improved grip: Gloves provide a better grip on the reins, which helps the rider maintain control over the horse.

  3. Protection from blisters and calluses: Horse riding can cause blisters and calluses on the hands, but gloves can provide a protective barrier against friction and prevent these injuries.

  4. Comfort: Gloves can keep hands warm and dry during rides and also reduce the impact of vibrations from horse movement.

  5. Style: Gloves are part of the traditional riding attire and can also provide a professional and polished look for riders.

  6. Follow the pros - it’s rare to see professional riders gloveless - this is because a combination of the above.

Overall, wearing gloves while horse riding can enhance safety, comfort, and style for the rider. The most important thing is to find the right glove for you - some people like a “barely there” feel, whereas for some, having a more substantial option is preferred.

At eGLOVE, that is why we offer so many options:

  • GripPro Leather - a great all rounder - great feel on the reins, but good structure and very hard wearing.

  • GripPro LITE - similar to the leather, but made with hard wearing synthetic PU leather. A lighter weight option with great rein feel.

  • GripPro X-LITE - our most minimal glove - airtex lycra mesh on the back of the hand for maximum breathability, but heard wearing synthetic leather on the palm side. If you want a barely there feel, this is the best option for you!

  • GripPro Winter Edition - this version is super grippy synthetic PU Leather with a thin thermal lining. There is a compromise with feel - but not much, and the upside is increased warmth!

  • GripPro Waterproof - These have more thermal lining and a waterproof membrane, so they are thicker, but rein feel is surprisingly good due to the palm material being super grippy synthetic PU. Warm and waterproof, and hard wearing, so great for yard duties!

You can check out the options here - eGLOVE eQUEST - buy with confidence, we offer a 12 month warranty and no quibble returns!