With many equestrian competition seasons underway, many horse owners are realising their pre-season checklist hasn’t yet been completed and their kit might need a refresh before they can get out to a show!

Many equestrian governing bodies (like British Eventing) have updated their standards this year – so make sure your hat and body protector meet current specifications, so you aren’t disappointed when you turn up to compete. Alongside this, before you start your season, make sure your saddle and bridle fit well, with safe stitching and give the leather some good care to ensure it’s ready for the season.

In many equestrian disciplines, like dressage, gloves are a requirement to compete – although there is plenty of flexibility on style, material and colour. Many riders opt for leather gloves like our GripPro Leather as they offer an excellent feel on the reins and come in a huge range of colours from traditional brown, black and navy, to the brave white, as well as some bright colours for at home or training; there really is something to go with every outfit in this leather horse riding glove!

With winter still not quite over with the rain still falling, and those stable jobs seeming never ending, the eGlove Waterproof is fantastic for yard chores like mucking out and poo-picking but still an excellent option for riding – especially hacking out on those chillier mornings thanks to their thermal lining and TRULY waterproof membrane. These are also the perfect glove for the non-horsey partner or parent in your life, because you can guarantee you’ll be at a soggy show this year! 

However, our favourite riding glove for the warmer weather and show jumping is the eGlove GripPro X-LITE – a great option for improved breathability and comfort thanks to its technical material, but still offers a great grip for when you really need it!

If you’ve ever ridden a strong horse jumping or cross country, you’ll know the importance of a good pair of gloves with durable palms to protect your hands and offer good grip on the reins. Whichever eGlove you choose, you’ll be sure to love the feel down the reins whether at home or competing, and with so many colours to choose from you won’t get bored!

Take a look at our range of equestrian gloves, and happy competing!

Photo Credit to Abi Boulton - Tic Toc Eventing