Hydration packs

More than just hydration packs, our e-Hydration packs are designed for reduced back fatigue whilst you exercise. These essential backpacks have space for your mobile phone and 1 or 1.5ltr water compartments and are designed to fit your body perfectly.

Our e Hydration packs have been praised by many as the best running packs on the market. Specially designed, tested and developed to provide optimum hydration whilst fitting like a glove, these sports backpacks are built to sit high up on the shoulders, reducing back fatigue whether you’re on a long weekend hike or biking up a mountain. Our e-glove hydration backpacks are versatile as well as high spec. To avoid the challenge of having to wriggle in and out of the packs once you’re on the move, we offer a clever removable hydration pack option. You can quickly move the bulk from the pack so you can sit down or refill your hydration pack easily and simply.