Rain? What Rain?

Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed!

First Sunday of 2016 starts with yet another deluge of rain and wind, ideal conditions for a long steady run then! After a lot of timewasting – checking social media etc, I dug out the hat, the most rainproof coat I had (one that wouldn’t make me overheat too much) and my trusty eglove xTREME’s. Podcast downloaded, trainers on and a nice little sandwich bag fashioned around my armband to protect my phone even more and off I went.

This was my first solo long run for sometime so I chose to do a nice, easy no brainer and run to Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley. I wanted to see what the out and back distance would be with a view to incorporating the Netley Abbey Parkrun that is held there into a long run in the next few weeks. I like this route and whilst not necessarily a challenge, well apart from the massive hill, it leaves you free to immerse yourself into other things such as podcasts.

As the rain was hammering down and I approached the hill, the podcast I chose was Wittertainment a 5live film podcast with Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode. I love the chatter and the bickering and of course the film reviews. I often realize that I have been laughing out loud or nodding in agreement when I am listening to their shows, something which causes some strange looks from people! Today though with the conditions being so, erm, wet and wild luckily there was just me on the pavements. I prefer to listen to a podcast, it is conversational pace and therefore sort of like running with friends, hello to Jason Issacs by the way.

On the approach to the country park and the shoreline, the rain was sideways and actually hurting my face. The Isle of Wight was non existent, all I could see was huge waves and the sea was a sort of brown colour. There were a few dog walkers in the park, we all nodded that sort of secret, “we must be mad” smile at each other. I made use of the facilities at the park, interesting with gloves on! Then it was an about turn and a quick refuel with a Nakd Gingerbread bar and some water. I love these bars, so easy to eat on the run.

The return leg of my run and it was noticeable just how much rain had already come down and, was still coming down. The puddles were pretty much little boating lakes that I ran through and that the cars on the road helpfully drove through giving an extra shower, thanks! I actually laughed at this bit of the run, I mean there is no choice but to run back home, you cant get much wetter and it is only rain. At least I had the nice downhill bit, before the other slightly smaller hill. It was here that it was like the tap had been turned again and there was a huge downpour. I considered sheltering in a bus stop, but decided to just get home, I was getting a bit cold and the podcast had finished.

The gloves that I chose today were the xTREME thermal running gloves, in pink of course . I have to say they were amazing, yes they got wet but I was able to squeeze the water out as I ran. My hands were not drenched and more importantly my hands were not cold. As a sufferer of Raynaulds Disease - circulation, hands go white, nails and lips go blue in cold and wet conditions – this is such a relief to have warm hands. The tighter cuff on the gloves keeps the elements away and you hands warm, and yes, the touchscreen bit still worked, again important for photos and strava on the run!

Back home after rounding the miles to a nice 15, the shoes were nice and clean and I was probably carrying a pint or so of water in my clothes.

Run done, Spring Marathon training begun. Is it still raining I hadn’t noticed!

Until next time,

Nikki x