Horses, hands and hot weather - The eGlove guide to heatwave horse-riding.

AT eGlove, we’re LOVING this beautiful weather! We’ve been busy being outdoors A LOT...

We've been walking in the early mornings, heading to the seaside for a paddle, feeling the breeze in our hair as we zip out on our bikes and pottering in the garden (with a Pimms in hand). Nikki’s been making the most of the shadier running routes and we’ve not worn our eGloves for a good while. This said, we were chatting to a horse-mad friend (over lunch in a pub garden) the other day and the subject of gloves came up (as it often does). We discussed the pros and cons of horse-riding in a heatwave and we’ve saved up some of her handy tips and ideas for you here.

Dressing yourself (and your horse) for the weather

When out and about in the saddle, wearing light coloured riding clothes and plenty of sun lotion is a no-brainer.  Whilst you can’t really wear shorts to ride if you want to avoid chafing and bruises, light coloured jodhpurs can make a really big difference. You could also opt for a lighter coloured hat cover and a light saddle pad for your horse. 

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Your shoulders, and elbows are likely candidates for sunburn  but did you know that horses can suffer from sunburn too? Pink noses, scars and hairless patches might need a coating of sunblock before heading outside on a hot sunny day. It’s good to clip your horse in hot weather, but not too closely as it can mean less protection from the sun for your horse. A fly sheet can help protect white or grey horses from sunburn too.

Get eGloved up

Many people would think that wearing riding gloves in this weather is madness - but in fact, gloves specially for riding can be just as useful in the summer months as they are in the depths of winter, especially if you’re jumping. Leather riding gloves will stop sweaty palms sliding about on the reins and mean you can protect your hands from blisters which are more likely to occur when hands are hot and puffy.

Well fitting leather riding gloves (like eGlove Equest Leather Grip Pro) should fit like a second skin and still give you good grip and feel on the reins. Leather riding gloves are best because they’re breathable and stretchy and eGlove* equestrian gloves incorporate a pad of technical fabric which makes grip on the reins even more secure (not to mention the fact that you can use your mobile phone whilst wearing them to call ahead and line up a bucket of water for your horse and and a cool drink for yourself once you get back to the stables).

Wearing leather gloves for leading your horse in the heat is sensible too as it will reduce the likelihood of the lead rope slipping and pulling through your hand if the horse pulls away. Rope burns can be really sore - especially in hot, sweaty weather.

Consider the amount of activity you're doing

To keep horses cool in a heatwave, reducing the length and intensity of rides is an obvious start - but also choosing woodland or shady rides makes sense. Horses can be turned out overnight or in the early morning and evening instead of the middle of the day too.

Make your horse’s home as heat proof as possible

Fans are a popular barn addition during a heatwave - as long as your horse can’t nibble the cords or wiring and some stables are lucky enough to have built-in water misters which the horses love.

We all need water

Like us, horses need plenty of fresh, cold water to drink every day - and even more so in a hot spell. When it’s sweaty weather - we can lose a lot of essential salts if we’re running or exercising and it’s the same for horses. Providing a salt lick or electrolyte laced water bucket  for your horse can ensure optimum balance is maintained. It’s a good idea to take a refillable cold water flask when you’re out riding so you don’t get thirsty too.

After a ride, horses should be hosed or sponged off and sweat scraped to cool them down and then walk or grazed until dry. Most horses love a cool bath to refresh them after exercise (just like we do!)

So for seasoned riders, fair-weather equestrian enthusiasts or anyone off to the Polo, gymkhana or eventing this summer, there are a few thoughts on warm weather riding. And whether you’re planning on spending the heatwave on a horse or not, we say stay hydrated, stay sunblocked and make the most of it whilst it lasts!

*eGlove Equest leather grip pro horse riding gloves have the added benefit of strong leather between the rein fingers, a secure velcro fastening on the wrist and a range of great colours (navy, tan, black and dark brown). Equest are also smart enough for competitive riding wear. See the complete collection here.

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Gem's guest Blog - eQUEST Leather Grip Pro Review

EQUEST Leather Grip Pro
By eGlove

Hi guys I am Gem Gilbert also known as @gemeventing https://www.instagram.com/gemeventing/
Im excited to be writing this blog/ product review for eGlove. 

The eQuest Leather Grip Pro is a brilliant leather glove which you can find here:  https://www.eglove.co.uk/horse-riding-gloves/  is not only is a fab riding glove but also allows you to venture on your phone or smart watch, anything electrical that you would usually poke thousands of times , until you give up and take off your gloves to use it. Well there will be no more of that! No cold hand faffing with these bad boys.

The Leather Grip Pro is available in 4 common equestrian colours-  black, navy blue, tan and chocolate brown. I have the navy and chocolate brown. Both stunning colours perfect for any type of equestrian discipline, I use mine for jumping, hacking, Dressage and day to day riding, the possibility’s are endless. However they are the perfect kind of glove for out hacking, I have found as when you see that perfect photo between your horses ears (if your horse is anything like mine you have to be quick to get the ears forward) you can take a photo really quickly and easy! 

So the glove itself you ask? You know they are electronic friendly. Now about it’s performance so the leather glove keeps your hands warm as long as the temperature is about 3 degrees. The elastic breathable structure in between the fingers and across the knuckle allows for your hand not to be suffocated and allow the glove to mould round you, also perfect for those competition sweaty palm nerves. The extra grip strip on the edge of the glove is my favourite bit as we all know that one horse that pulls! These gloves are perfect for that, as the grip allows you to get a firm hold of the reins without them slipping out especially on a typical British summers day when the heavens open. I can officially say my hands stayed dry for 30 minutes but the weather was horrendous but it didn’t affect my grip on my reins! 

My other favourite feature is how soft the leather is, it is so comfortable and breathable its amazing. The velcro strap allows you to have the gloves done up as tight or loose as you want! And they aren’t just all for adults they do a range for kids also! 

How to clean them? Everyone knows how grubby gloves can get and you wouldn’t go out competing with a dirty saddle so why would you go out with gloves. To clean and care for your gloves use a good quality saddle soap and rub it into the leather with a soft cloth in a circular moment that will get your gloves shining!  

I can’t recommend eglove enough! The Friendly and helpful service which is second to none, what more could you want? 

Be sure to check out there twitter and Instagram account and give eGlove a cheeky follow! 
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/egloveuk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/egloveuk/

Thank you! Hope you have enjoyed my product review! Be sure to have a little look and a follow of my Instagram to see me Riding in my wonderful eglove https://www.instagram.com/gemeventing/ and twitter head to https://mobile.twitter.com/gemeventing to follow our progress in our eGloves! 

Gem Gilbert 💜

EDITORS NOTE - We met Gem at the West Country Equine Fair - where she purchased a pair of the leather gloves. She subsequently purchased another pair from the website. We then offered her a pair of the prototype Winter Elite's in blue for next season in return for a blog piece. We simply asked for an honest review. Hopefully you'll enjoy it!  Thanks Gem x

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Olivia's Guest Dressage Blog - 2017 comes to a close...

It’s great to be back blogging for eGlove as I start reflecting on my busy dressage season that is drawing to a close coming up to Christmas.

This year has been incredible. Mine and Worldly Wises partnership has developed more than I could have wished for. Every competition I have attended has been another opportunity to learn something new about my Will. For instance, looking back at the difference from Keysoe CDI to Hickstead CDI (four months apart) shows me how without the constant arena experience it wouldn’t have been possible to develop and move from getting average scores to ones that made me a contender at an international.

Other than junior internationals this season, we have been working towards our Young rider debut next year (PSG level). With the help of my amazing trainer David Trott, our hard work in training resulted in us winning the Petplan festival at PSG level. We are now waiting to hear if I will receive a wildcard for the finals next April, however this has all been valuable experience to kick start my Young rider qualification in January at Addington Manor.

Another focus in the last couple of months has been Dressage to Music at Advanced medium level. After my first try during Keysoe CDI, it made me realise another side to dressage that I wish I had done a long time ago! My music consisted of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Great Gatsby coupled with a challenging floor plan that in two outings qualified me for the regionals with two 68% scores. Recently, I have been working on a new floor plan for PSG level ready for internationals next season.

Other than a busy dressage season, in July I finished my A levels and got my grades for my first-choice university at The London Institute of Banking and Finance to start September 2018. This means I have a whole year of focusing on my horses, continuing my teaching and reaching my dream of attending the European Championships for Italy as well as a bit of traveling now I have the time.

However, all of my achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of my sponsors, family and friends. I cannot thank you all enough for being right behind me with everything I’m lucky enough to be doing. I finished the 8th best Italian Junior rider and moved up 127 spaces in the world FEI rankings. My next big competition will be at Addington Premier League in January where I hope to achieve my two scores to attend Keysoe CDI 2018.

Until next time…

Olivia x


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Olivia's Guest Blog - Progress in my Dressage Journey

It is great to be back writing for eGlove as now I don’t have my exams to worry about. Since my previous blog, myself and Worldly Wise’s (Will) partnership has improved vastly resulting in having a very memorable summer which was valuable preparation for our exciting season ahead.

During the summer, I attended my second Home Internationals on the England squad where we grew in confidence over the two days. We finished 4th in the Junior FEI championship by less than a percentage. Considering our young partnership, I was over the moon with where we have come in less than a year together. After reading the judges’ comments and having an intense training programme to perfect my test riding ability, we entered as many local competitions as we could to put our training into practice.

We attending the summer regionals at Bury Farm which turned out to be a valuable learning curve. We got an average score as Will got very excited. This taught me how to control his energy and to use it to my advantage to increase his impulsion through our tests in the future. From here, we went to Sparsholt and came 1st with 68.97% in Advanced Medium 91. At this competition, I shortened our warmup time and kept him engaged throughout resulting in our pleasing score and positive comments from the judges. Sadly Hickstead CDI got cancelled due to lack of funding, however it has given me more determination to go out even stronger now our partnership is much stronger.

We have qualified for the Winter Regionals at Advanced Medium from another recent win at Merrist Wood and the Priory in Surrey, also putting us on track to secure our Italian qualification. Our next aim is to attend Keysoe CDI in March next year to gain my scores for the European Championships in 2017.

Hopefully our successes recently will continue into next year. On top of dressage, I have recently applied for university in London as now I’m in my final year of college. An exciting but nervous time however is made easier by thinking about my horsey gap year once I finish my A2’s next July.

Once again, a massive thank you to eGlove for your continued support with my dressage journey. I ride in my gloves every day and especially during this sudden cold weather, they have saved my hands during the ice mornings!


Olivia Moriano x

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The eGlove EQUEST riding glove range explained!

We're often asked "which is the best glove for me?" so over the next few weeks, we'll give you a run down!!

Let's start with the eGlove EQUEST horse riding glove range:

So, we've got 2 styles - the EQUEST GripPro and the EQUEST Winter Elite.

The GripPro range comes in 3 traditional colours (with Navy Blue coming soon!). Like all of our gloves, we start off by making the best riding glove we can, then add the touchscreen bit! The feedback we get is that they are comfortable, hardwearing, and wash up well!! They are designed to be worn tight so that you retain "feel" on the reins. As they are a thin glove, they won't be the warmest - but that's the trade off for feel.

This time of year, the Winter Elite Riding Glove is particularly popular. It's really snug to wear, and has a nice feel from a riders perspective. The short cuff allows for freedom of movement for riding, and they aren't so thick that you lose the feel through the reins! Best of all these are a great all round winter glove - you can wear them to the yard, in the yard, and whilst riding. They wash up well and the all black features mean you can wear them as an all round glove, with casual or smart clothes! Oh and of course, they are touchscreen friendly!

Take a look here for more details!

Finally, I'm going to put a random one out there...

Our XTREME range have much in common with the Winter Elite, but are a little more hardcore, and a little less riding specific! They have more water resistance and a windstopper membrane to help keep the chill out! The thick tight cuff keeps the element on the outside, and the warmth in! Whilst these are not designed to ride in, many people do and love them when out hacking! We'd say these were more of a yard glove, and as you'd expect, they are fully machine washable! The XTREME range comes in Black, Back with Hi-Vis Green and Pink. Take a look here

We hope this helps? You may already know, we love hearing from customers and anyone that has a question or a comment! So please get in touch!!