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Christmas with eGlove - Touchscreen Sports Gloves

Here's all you need to know about eGlove at Christmas.

Firstly, everybody NEEDS eGloves (even Santa!) ;-)

We'll do what we can to ensure anything you buy arrives in tip top fashion before the big day!!

Details of last postage dates are here

Of course, sometimes you get it wrong! Whether it be due to size, sport, colour or simply because they don't want eGloves (quelle horreur!!) we've extended returns until the end of January! Although in truth, we need to be loved, so even after this date we pretty much always do what we can to sort things out!

"Socks? Please don't let them be socks!! I NEED eGloves - surely EVERYBODY knows THAT?!?!?"

"Socks? Please don't let them be socks!! I NEED eGloves - surely EVERYBODY knows THAT?!?!?"

So, whether you need running gloves, cycling gloves, ski gloves, snowboard gloves, riding gloves or touchscreen gloves for many other different sports - BUY WITH CONFIDENCE here at eGlove!

Kerching - winning sales statement right there!

Have a good one people - see you on the other side!

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Olivia's Guest Blog - Progress in my Dressage Journey

It is great to be back writing for eGlove as now I don’t have my exams to worry about. Since my previous blog, myself and Worldly Wise’s (Will) partnership has improved vastly resulting in having a very memorable summer which was valuable preparation for our exciting season ahead.

During the summer, I attended my second Home Internationals on the England squad where we grew in confidence over the two days. We finished 4th in the Junior FEI championship by less than a percentage. Considering our young partnership, I was over the moon with where we have come in less than a year together. After reading the judges’ comments and having an intense training programme to perfect my test riding ability, we entered as many local competitions as we could to put our training into practice.

We attending the summer regionals at Bury Farm which turned out to be a valuable learning curve. We got an average score as Will got very excited. This taught me how to control his energy and to use it to my advantage to increase his impulsion through our tests in the future. From here, we went to Sparsholt and came 1st with 68.97% in Advanced Medium 91. At this competition, I shortened our warmup time and kept him engaged throughout resulting in our pleasing score and positive comments from the judges. Sadly Hickstead CDI got cancelled due to lack of funding, however it has given me more determination to go out even stronger now our partnership is much stronger.

We have qualified for the Winter Regionals at Advanced Medium from another recent win at Merrist Wood and the Priory in Surrey, also putting us on track to secure our Italian qualification. Our next aim is to attend Keysoe CDI in March next year to gain my scores for the European Championships in 2017.

Hopefully our successes recently will continue into next year. On top of dressage, I have recently applied for university in London as now I’m in my final year of college. An exciting but nervous time however is made easier by thinking about my horsey gap year once I finish my A2’s next July.

Once again, a massive thank you to eGlove for your continued support with my dressage journey. I ride in my gloves every day and especially during this sudden cold weather, they have saved my hands during the ice mornings!


Olivia Moriano x

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The eGlove EQUEST riding glove range explained!

We're often asked "which is the best glove for me?" so over the next few weeks, we'll give you a run down!!

Let's start with the eGlove EQUEST horse riding glove range:

So, we've got 2 styles - the EQUEST GripPro and the EQUEST Winter Elite.

The GripPro range comes in 3 traditional colours (with Navy Blue coming soon!). Like all of our gloves, we start off by making the best riding glove we can, then add the touchscreen bit! The feedback we get is that they are comfortable, hardwearing, and wash up well!! They are designed to be worn tight so that you retain "feel" on the reins. As they are a thin glove, they won't be the warmest - but that's the trade off for feel.

This time of year, the Winter Elite Riding Glove is particularly popular. It's really snug to wear, and has a nice feel from a riders perspective. The short cuff allows for freedom of movement for riding, and they aren't so thick that you lose the feel through the reins! Best of all these are a great all round winter glove - you can wear them to the yard, in the yard, and whilst riding. They wash up well and the all black features mean you can wear them as an all round glove, with casual or smart clothes! Oh and of course, they are touchscreen friendly!

Take a look here for more details!

Finally, I'm going to put a random one out there...

Our XTREME range have much in common with the Winter Elite, but are a little more hardcore, and a little less riding specific! They have more water resistance and a windstopper membrane to help keep the chill out! The thick tight cuff keeps the element on the outside, and the warmth in! Whilst these are not designed to ride in, many people do and love them when out hacking! We'd say these were more of a yard glove, and as you'd expect, they are fully machine washable! The XTREME range comes in Black, Back with Hi-Vis Green and Pink. Take a look here

We hope this helps? You may already know, we love hearing from customers and anyone that has a question or a comment! So please get in touch!!