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Olivia's Guest Dressage Blog - 2017 comes to a close...

It’s great to be back blogging for eGlove as I start reflecting on my busy dressage season that is drawing to a close coming up to Christmas.

This year has been incredible. Mine and Worldly Wises partnership has developed more than I could have wished for. Every competition I have attended has been another opportunity to learn something new about my Will. For instance, looking back at the difference from Keysoe CDI to Hickstead CDI (four months apart) shows me how without the constant arena experience it wouldn’t have been possible to develop and move from getting average scores to ones that made me a contender at an international.

Other than junior internationals this season, we have been working towards our Young rider debut next year (PSG level). With the help of my amazing trainer David Trott, our hard work in training resulted in us winning the Petplan festival at PSG level. We are now waiting to hear if I will receive a wildcard for the finals next April, however this has all been valuable experience to kick start my Young rider qualification in January at Addington Manor.

Another focus in the last couple of months has been Dressage to Music at Advanced medium level. After my first try during Keysoe CDI, it made me realise another side to dressage that I wish I had done a long time ago! My music consisted of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Great Gatsby coupled with a challenging floor plan that in two outings qualified me for the regionals with two 68% scores. Recently, I have been working on a new floor plan for PSG level ready for internationals next season.

Other than a busy dressage season, in July I finished my A levels and got my grades for my first-choice university at The London Institute of Banking and Finance to start September 2018. This means I have a whole year of focusing on my horses, continuing my teaching and reaching my dream of attending the European Championships for Italy as well as a bit of traveling now I have the time.

However, all of my achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of my sponsors, family and friends. I cannot thank you all enough for being right behind me with everything I’m lucky enough to be doing. I finished the 8th best Italian Junior rider and moved up 127 spaces in the world FEI rankings. My next big competition will be at Addington Premier League in January where I hope to achieve my two scores to attend Keysoe CDI 2018.

Until next time…

Olivia x


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Olivia's Guest Blog - Progress in my Dressage Journey

It is great to be back writing for eGlove as now I don’t have my exams to worry about. Since my previous blog, myself and Worldly Wise’s (Will) partnership has improved vastly resulting in having a very memorable summer which was valuable preparation for our exciting season ahead.

During the summer, I attended my second Home Internationals on the England squad where we grew in confidence over the two days. We finished 4th in the Junior FEI championship by less than a percentage. Considering our young partnership, I was over the moon with where we have come in less than a year together. After reading the judges’ comments and having an intense training programme to perfect my test riding ability, we entered as many local competitions as we could to put our training into practice.

We attending the summer regionals at Bury Farm which turned out to be a valuable learning curve. We got an average score as Will got very excited. This taught me how to control his energy and to use it to my advantage to increase his impulsion through our tests in the future. From here, we went to Sparsholt and came 1st with 68.97% in Advanced Medium 91. At this competition, I shortened our warmup time and kept him engaged throughout resulting in our pleasing score and positive comments from the judges. Sadly Hickstead CDI got cancelled due to lack of funding, however it has given me more determination to go out even stronger now our partnership is much stronger.

We have qualified for the Winter Regionals at Advanced Medium from another recent win at Merrist Wood and the Priory in Surrey, also putting us on track to secure our Italian qualification. Our next aim is to attend Keysoe CDI in March next year to gain my scores for the European Championships in 2017.

Hopefully our successes recently will continue into next year. On top of dressage, I have recently applied for university in London as now I’m in my final year of college. An exciting but nervous time however is made easier by thinking about my horsey gap year once I finish my A2’s next July.

Once again, a massive thank you to eGlove for your continued support with my dressage journey. I ride in my gloves every day and especially during this sudden cold weather, they have saved my hands during the ice mornings!


Olivia Moriano x

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Olivia Moriano - Team Italia Dressage - Guest Blog

It's been a tremendous two months!

Since my last blog I mentioned about Keysoe Premier league which turned out to be a very educational competition for both myself and Will (Wordly Wise). We got respectable scores for the FEI and Advanced Medium tests considering our still young partnership. Both tests improved over the weekend and coming 3rd with a safe test was definitely the highlight (as well as competing in my tails for the first time). 

From reading over the judges comments and really focusing on perfecting our movements, our partnership has got to the point where I can ask Will for a bit more energy and show more of his potential in the arena. From here we went to tackle my Italian and regional qualification at Croftern Manor. We did a solid test gaining 66.579% coming 1st in my section. For this outing, our confidence grew together and our best ever test (so far) was at the Priory doing advanced medium 92. After a super warm up, the sun shining and a relaxed and happy Will, our test was controlled and elevated resulting in a 9 for passes and an 8.5 for my riding. As i slowly walked to see my score, the other riders smiled at me as I approached the board and before I knew it we managed to get a massive 78.92%. I took a lot away from this outing and it told me that we both have the potential to gain top marks and when we ride like we're in training, everything comes together. A few days later I turned 17 and this was definitely the best birthday present I could of wished for. 

These competitions and scores secured our summer regional qualification and our Italian scores to go international at Junior level. This year is the start of my European Championship qualification for 2017. The FISE (Italian committee) have told me that to qualify, I need to go abroad at the end of this year and again in the beginning of next year - all very exciting as the preparation starts now! 

My FEI pony Master Alexander (Rikki) and I went to Merrist Wood for his first outing since Christmas. We did a medium test and he really rose to the occasion and put all our new techniques into practice (including still being cheeky at 20 years old and showing off to the judge). We got a great score of just under 66% and came 2nd overall. 

As well as dressage, I've got my economics, English literature and language and policies AS level exams in the next two weeks. After these, I have the summer regionals to look forward to at Hickstead and my debut at junior international level (all to be revealed soon). I've got lots of local competitions planned to keep our confidence growing in the arena. 

Thanks again to eGlove for your support. I always love wearing your gloves during training, competing and running (part of my fitness regime!). Hopefully the high scores will continue throughout the season. Keep a look out on my Twitter (@olivia_moriano), Facebook (Olivia Moriano Dressge) and Instagram (@birdiemoriano) for all my up to date news. 

Thank you for reading, Olivia X

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