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Our run range reviewed

Roger Thomasson (@irunoffroad) blogger and runner

Look closely, Roger is holding a chunk of ice! That's the power of eGlove!!

Look closely, Roger is holding a chunk of ice! That's the power of eGlove!!

It's a small world! Roger is a Fareham Crusader (like guest blogger Nikki). He also has a blog and does kit reviews. The blog has been nominated for The Running Awards, just like good old eGlove!

So, we gave him some eGloves to review. The eGlove Sport running glove, and the XTREME ultra run glove, both get his review. What did he think? Why not pop over to Roger's blog and take a look?? It's really rather good!! Oh, and yes, he liked 'em...


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Our TOUCHSCREEN Running GLOVES ON The Running Awards ShortlisT!

Our range of touchscreen running gloves - the eGlove Sport - have won a number of awards over the years for Best Running Glove and Best Accessory. For a small independent company like ours the thrill of taking on the big companies and beating them is incredible - and one of the main reasons we persevere!!

For 2016 we have been shortlisted for the Best Accessory award in the Running Awards and we are over the moon! There are some great products in this category, and we are delighted to be in such good company. So, we'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for us.

That's what sets this award apart from the others - it's an open vote, and you need to register to cast your vote. Cumbersome and a bit fiddly? Yes! But it ensures a fair result and that's why it's so important to us!!

This competition is for all of our winter running glove range - either the eGlove Sport Run Glove, or our thermal running glove - the XTREME Ultra Run Glove. So whichever is your preferred option, pop over to register and vote eGlove!!