What do I do if I need to return something?

We’ve always tried to be different with returns - we just want our wearers to love their eGloves, and we’ll do what we can to try and ensure that happens.

We no longer supply to third parties, so if you have eGloves they are most likely from us - either from the website, our Amazon store, our new eBay store or from any of the retail or trade events we attend.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • If you want to exchange the gloves, and they are in pristine condition we will always oblige. Could be due to size, or colour, or style. We don’t mind.

  • In the unlikely event of there being an issue with quality or performance issue - again, we are happy to replace.

  • If you want a refund, no problem, but you will need to go through the channel that you purchased them so the payment can be reversed. Please bear in mind that if the gloves are not in pristine condition, we’ll ask on what basis you think a refund is appropriate. We’re not looking to be awkward - on the contrary - we are keen to understand the reasons so we can look to improve our gloves!

  • We’re a small family business and are pretty relaxed about the whole thing - all we ask is for that not to be abused.

Regardless of whether you want an exchange or refund, please raise a ticket at the returns page… CLICK HERE

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