Olivia's Guest Dressage Blog - 2017 an amazing start!

2017 has certainly been amazing so far!

In February, myself and Worldly Wise (Will) secured our Italian qualification at Croftern Manor winning both Advanced Medium classes. This allowed us to be chosen for Keysoe CDI in March (16th till 19th). Training grew to another level, developing both our confidences during the movements that would prepare both of us for our international junior debut.

We arrived on the Thursday for the trot up and vet inspection. As this was my first international with Will, I wasn’t sure what he would be like in such a busy environment. He settled in straight away flying though the trot up giving us the go ahead to compete over the next three days.

The Friday was the Junior FEI Team test where Will got very excited to enter the bright pink and flower decorated arena. Our warm up was solid, allowing me to use my new techniques from training, however spooking brought down our marks during the test. At an international, you are judged my three judges, in this test one from New Zealand, Great Britain and the Netherlands. There was an unusually large difference in my marks (5% plus) putting me in 11th position, although each judge’s comments gave me vital feedback to carry on into the individual test on the Saturday.

The next test was the Junior FEI individual which suits Will’s ability much more. The warm up was super, really listening to my aids as I focused on his straightness and submission. The arena got changed around so I would be entering the opposite way to Friday’s test which shocked both myself and Will due to it being against FEI rules. We finished 12th as a few mistakes cost us amongst some nice work, though the judges marks were very similar giving me fair comments throughout my test.

The Sunday consisted of the Kur (freestyle) and this was my first ever time competing to music. I was so excited to ride my floorplan to some great, upbeat music although slightly nervous as this was totally new to me. During the warm up, Will felt the best he has done over the competition, allowing me to ride him with an extremely light contact as he carried himself into each movement with a lot of ease. We were very happy with our first attempt. Our marks had a large variation again ranging from 60% to 66% putting me in 11th position, just outside the prize giving.

Over the whole competition, I learnt a tremendous amount about myself and Will as a partnership. All our training definitely showed across the week giving me a glimpse of what we are both capable of. It was lovely to see my GB friends who I used to train with at pony FEI level and to meet new foreign riders who I hope to see again at future international competitions. I was very grateful to wear my Italian flag once again and to be a part of a great international.

Following this amazing experience, I have been starting to train towards PSG level. I qualified for this during a competition at Merrist Wood achieving 66.47% coming 3rd at Advanced level before my international. I had my first attempt at PSG two weeks after Keysoe CDI coming 3rd on 63% plus which was a great result considering we are new to this level.

I have a lot of competitions coming up during my Easter break from college. We are now training towards premier leagues in the coming weeks before my A-level exams start in June.

It’s been a memorable start to a busy year and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of my amazing team, eGlove being a part of it. I continue to train, compete and run in their gloves that provide me with such comfort with all the activity I do.

Until next time…

Love Olivia.

P.s. check out my website www.oliviamorianodressage.com , my Instagram @birdiemoriano and Facebook page Olivia Moriano Dressage to keep up to date with my international dressage journey.

Editors note - Olivia wears eGlove GripPro riding gloves whilst training and competing, and eGlove Sport Run Gloves for fitness. We are immensely proud of her achievements!

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