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New LIMITED EDITION eGlove Sport Run

For lovers of the eGlove Sport Touchscreen Run Glove - and there are a few - 3 x winner of Mens / Womens Running accessory of the year PLUS finalist in the Running Awards 2015 / 2016 / 2017 and hopefully 2018 too (you can vote here!)....

We have some GREAT news!

We have a strictly LIMITED run of Hi Vis Black and Fluorescent Yellow eGlove Sport now available on the website. There are only 150 pairs of these, and when they are gone, they are GONE!

EXCLUSIVELY available on the eGlove website.

£21.99 - you can get yours HERE:

SPORT Black / Flouro Yellow Touch Screen Running Gloves - LIMITED EDITION!
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Best Running Gloves !?!?

Ours have won awards...

The title shouldn't be read as a boast (although we like to think so!!), this is more about helping you chose the best glove for a runner - or indeed one for yourself!! ;-)

First things first, choosing a running glove is largely down to personal choice - are you a cold handed person, or actually do you find your hands warm up quickly? You'd be surprised how often I am told "I don't want anything too warm, I hate it when my hands get too warm!"

So let's get the basics out of the way! All of the options I am about to discuss will do the following by default:

  • Wick away moisture - helps keep hands warm as moisture (sweat!) is removed from the inside of the glove to the outside!
  • Keeps your hands warm - to a greater or lesser degree - more of that in a mo.
  • Have a modesty strip and eGlove runner Nikki calls it - snot/sweat wipe area to you and me!
  • Fully machine washable! 
  • Silicon grips on the palm of hand and fingers - mainly so you don't drop several hundred quids worth of Smartphone!!
  • Touchscreen compatible fabric on both thumbs and forefingers to allow you to use your device or app of choice in warm, gloved, cosiness!
  • Available in Black / Black - Pink - Black / Green

With that in mind, what are the options?

eGlove Sport is our best selling and multi award winning running glove. It's a thin glove ideal for most people in most conditions. I run in these in temperatures down to -4 or -5 or so, but equally, they help regulate hand temperature, so are great at +10 too! It's a very comfortable glove, quite silky in feel and just does the job brilliantly! Thousands of customers and several awards can't be wrong!!

Alternatively, for those who suffer with cold hands, run in extreme weather or for ultra distances, perhaps the XTREME is a better option? It's thicker, tighter, with a longer double cuff and has the additional feature of Windstopper fabric which helps keep both the moisture and wind out, without compromising the breathability! These have been used in many XTREME Ultra Runs - most recently Shaun Marsden (aka @spontaneousplan) used them thoughout the 230km Arctic Ice Ultra! So, we say that they are like the Sport Run Glove - just more HARDCORE!!!!

Best of all, like all eGloves if you order something that isn't right - no problem, send it back and we will sort you out an exchange or a refund. Check out the glove guide for more info - here.

As always - we welcome your questions! Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Our run range reviewed

Roger Thomasson (@irunoffroad) blogger and runner

Look closely, Roger is holding a chunk of ice! That's the power of eGlove!!

Look closely, Roger is holding a chunk of ice! That's the power of eGlove!!

It's a small world! Roger is a Fareham Crusader (like guest blogger Nikki). He also has a blog and does kit reviews. The blog has been nominated for The Running Awards, just like good old eGlove!

So, we gave him some eGloves to review. The eGlove Sport running glove, and the XTREME ultra run glove, both get his review. What did he think? Why not pop over to Roger's blog and take a look?? It's really rather good!! Oh, and yes, he liked 'em...


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Our TOUCHSCREEN Running GLOVES ON The Running Awards ShortlisT!

Our range of touchscreen running gloves - the eGlove Sport - have won a number of awards over the years for Best Running Glove and Best Accessory. For a small independent company like ours the thrill of taking on the big companies and beating them is incredible - and one of the main reasons we persevere!!

For 2016 we have been shortlisted for the Best Accessory award in the Running Awards and we are over the moon! There are some great products in this category, and we are delighted to be in such good company. So, we'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for us.

That's what sets this award apart from the others - it's an open vote, and you need to register to cast your vote. Cumbersome and a bit fiddly? Yes! But it ensures a fair result and that's why it's so important to us!!

This competition is for all of our winter running glove range - either the eGlove Sport Run Glove, or our thermal running glove - the XTREME Ultra Run Glove. So whichever is your preferred option, pop over to register and vote eGlove!!