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New LIMITED EDITION eGlove Sport Run

For lovers of the eGlove Sport Touchscreen Run Glove - and there are a few - 3 x winner of Mens / Womens Running accessory of the year PLUS finalist in the Running Awards 2015 / 2016 / 2017 and hopefully 2018 too (you can vote here!)....

We have some GREAT news!

We have a strictly LIMITED run of Hi Vis Black and Fluorescent Yellow eGlove Sport now available on the website. There are only 150 pairs of these, and when they are gone, they are GONE!

EXCLUSIVELY available on the eGlove website.

£21.99 - you can get yours HERE:

SPORT Black / Flouro Yellow Touch Screen Running Gloves - LIMITED EDITION!
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Christmas with eGlove - Touchscreen Sports Gloves

Here's all you need to know about eGlove at Christmas.

Firstly, everybody NEEDS eGloves (even Santa!) ;-)

We'll do what we can to ensure anything you buy arrives in tip top fashion before the big day!!

Details of last postage dates are here

Of course, sometimes you get it wrong! Whether it be due to size, sport, colour or simply because they don't want eGloves (quelle horreur!!) we've extended returns until the end of January! Although in truth, we need to be loved, so even after this date we pretty much always do what we can to sort things out!

"Socks? Please don't let them be socks!! I NEED eGloves - surely EVERYBODY knows THAT?!?!?"

"Socks? Please don't let them be socks!! I NEED eGloves - surely EVERYBODY knows THAT?!?!?"

So, whether you need running gloves, cycling gloves, ski gloves, snowboard gloves, riding gloves or touchscreen gloves for many other different sports - BUY WITH CONFIDENCE here at eGlove!

Kerching - winning sales statement right there!

Have a good one people - see you on the other side!

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The eGlove EQUEST riding glove range explained!

We're often asked "which is the best glove for me?" so over the next few weeks, we'll give you a run down!!

Let's start with the eGlove EQUEST horse riding glove range:

So, we've got 2 styles - the EQUEST GripPro and the EQUEST Winter Elite.

The GripPro range comes in 3 traditional colours (with Navy Blue coming soon!). Like all of our gloves, we start off by making the best riding glove we can, then add the touchscreen bit! The feedback we get is that they are comfortable, hardwearing, and wash up well!! They are designed to be worn tight so that you retain "feel" on the reins. As they are a thin glove, they won't be the warmest - but that's the trade off for feel.

This time of year, the Winter Elite Riding Glove is particularly popular. It's really snug to wear, and has a nice feel from a riders perspective. The short cuff allows for freedom of movement for riding, and they aren't so thick that you lose the feel through the reins! Best of all these are a great all round winter glove - you can wear them to the yard, in the yard, and whilst riding. They wash up well and the all black features mean you can wear them as an all round glove, with casual or smart clothes! Oh and of course, they are touchscreen friendly!

Take a look here for more details!

Finally, I'm going to put a random one out there...

Our XTREME range have much in common with the Winter Elite, but are a little more hardcore, and a little less riding specific! They have more water resistance and a windstopper membrane to help keep the chill out! The thick tight cuff keeps the element on the outside, and the warmth in! Whilst these are not designed to ride in, many people do and love them when out hacking! We'd say these were more of a yard glove, and as you'd expect, they are fully machine washable! The XTREME range comes in Black, Back with Hi-Vis Green and Pink. Take a look here

We hope this helps? You may already know, we love hearing from customers and anyone that has a question or a comment! So please get in touch!!


The importance of Hydration

As runners or cyclists you are always exerting energy and sweat while incorporating countless miles running or biking on the road. You have been advised on the importance of remaining hydrated; replenishing all of those fluids you lost amid training.

At the point when people take part in an exercise, they might be so focused on the task at ahead that they tend to forget about a very essential factor in ensuring the body gets all of the advantages of exercise: making sure the body is adequately hydrated. Water and sports drinks aid the body to prevent dehydration; thereby increasing comfort, safety and performance during a workout. Water is very essential for every metabolic process that takes place in your body; it helps transports vital nutrients to your cells and takes away waste products.

Lack of hydration can be a serious condition that can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness or even heat illness like stroke. Since hydration is so imperative for athletes during exercise, it is important to ensure you drink the appropriate amount for your body. This is necessary in order to prevent excessive water intake or water intoxication.

What amount of water can one take during exercise?

If you are to carry out an activity for up to 90 minutes or less you should drink water from time to time. Water in this circumstance will have the capacity to keep you hydrated and keep up the right body functions you may need for the activity. Make sure not to consume massive amounts of water before or after exercise. The purpose of doing so is that your digestive system may not function as much as it typically does during exercise and this large amount of water can make you to vomit and feel nauseated.

There are certain circumstances where water is insufficient keep you hydrated. If you are engage in compelling activities or exercises that last more than 90 minutes as an athlete, it may be important for you to drink other types of fluid to keep hydrated.  Your body has a tendency to lose water as well as electrolytes. It is recommended to take energy sports drink since these drinks help replenish both the lost fluids and electrolytes. Drinking simply water in these circumstances can do more harm than good.

Ordinarily, endurance athletes have a higher risk of experiencing hyponatremia or excess hydration. This condition results when the fluid in the body is much and the sodium levels drops to a critical level. This is the reason why it is important for people engaged in these exercise to take sports drinks with salt and sodium in order to prevent dehydration and hyponatremia. With the danger of water intoxication and the dehydration, competitors are left with the question of how much water is sufficient and what amount is in excess.

Nobody truly knows how much water to consume; a gallon, eight glasses? Generally people who don't participate in continual athletic activities can listen to their body and keep themselves hydrated; they drink, when they get thirsty. Athletes on the other hand needs much more fluid intake. Therefore runners, bikers or lifters are left with making a decision about their water intake. Before beginning your activities it is best to seek the help of a nutritionist or an expert trainer.

So remaining hydrated is really important during running or cycling activities or any long endurance activity, in order as to achieve optimal results.   


How do Touchscreen Gloves Work?

How do touchscreen gloves work with smartphones?
Once upon a time touch screen devices used a type of screen called resistive touch screens. These screens were pretty simple. Basically, the screen would squish when someone pressed on it. The touch screen would sense where it was squished and register a touch input there. That’s why people could use pencils, pens, and wear gloves and use their smartphones or those handheld devices Royal Mail and Parcelforce postmen use!
Over the last few years, touchscreens have become more complicated though. Today, we use capacitive touch screens. These types of touch screens offer many improvements over the resistive type. For example, they can “see” more than one finger on the screen, which makes things like pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling possible. They are also a lot more accurate so you can quickly and easily interact with them – to use the touchscreen keyboard or interact with your favorite sports app! They are a lot more durable and have a much longer lifespan than the resistive type. They also aren’t as prone to mis-dials whilst in your pocket...
However, they present other problems - these touchscreens only work with certain materials. Here’s the science part… Technically, they were designed to work with skin. When a person touches a capacitive touch screen they create a disruption in an electronic field on the screen. The touch screen watches for this disruption and says, “Hey, someone just touched that part of the screen so let’s do something there.” Pencils, pens, and cotton don’t create the disruption needed for the touch screens to see. People often think it’s to do with heat – but it’s the disruption that is key!
Touch screen gloves work by simulating human touch. Don’t worry though, It’s not some weird horror movie kind of thing where the gloves are covered in human skin. It turns out certain conductive materials effectively mimic skin and create that disruption capacitive touch screens require to work! Clever huh? The fingertips of all our eGlove  sports gloves are coated in this type of material. They are also made to be the best Sport Gloves they can be!
So whether you are running, cycling, riding, walking, boarding or skiing – you can stay warm and connected!



Ski and Snowboard News

For most of us, we are now getting into the main skiing and snowboarding season in Europe. Over the last few weeks, there have been reports of a lack of snow in many resorts, although it has been cold enough overnight for snow cannons to help nature cover the main runs!

This weekend though - for France at least - there looks like there is due to be some decent dumps - so expect some great conditions! Our favourite site for information about conditions and various other snowsport related subjects - try - it's the comprehensive nature of this site that we love!!

Whatever the weather you are going to need decent kit! Look no further than eGLOVE for all your hand warming needs! Our Ski Glove range - Original eSKI and HeliSki Pro - as well as our fantastic Snowboarding Glove, the HeliBoard Pro feature the unique opening ports that allow you to use any touchscreen device with your GLOVES ON!! The ports are on the thumb and forefinger of both gloves, and this increased dexterity makes them popular with photographers too. Wearers also tell us that they also just make life easier - zips and wallets, for example are a breeze!

Say goodbye to dropped gloves on the chairlift! Use your favourite apps, keep up to date with social media, or make calls in warm handed cosiness!!

Oh, and our Ski and Snowboard Glove Sale is NOW ON! With up to 50% off!


For more information - see our Snowsport Showcase here