Our Mission

As you have probably worked out, eGlove is a small company. When Neil and I started off, we had no knowledge of running a sportswear company, or how to source products. We didn’t know about Marketing in this area, we had no contacts, no manufacturer and no product. What drove us was simple – it was about a need. This was in 2009/10.

Neil’s need was for a glove that he could use with his iPhone (3GS for all the geeks) while he was skiing – without having to take it off! We often use the phrase “no more dropped gloves on the chairlift”, this is through bitter experience!! My need was for a glove I could use while running, so I could use my iPhone (3GS too, then a 4) Nike+ App with my gloves on when the weather was cold. There is nothing worse than having to take your gloves off to pause the app or restart it – and your nose isn’t really a viable long term solution!

With this in mind, we went about setting a list of features we would want, and the type of glove we wanted to manufacture. We wanted the glove to be a decent quality, something we would be happy to buy and wear ourselves - we were consumers, and the end result had to meet our standards, it had to have the sort of features we would use. The snot & sweat strip on the eGlove Sport Running Glove is there because running in winter causes your nose to run, and you still sweat!! The silicone grips are there because I was paranoid about dropping my pride and joy! For Neil, the ski and snowboard eGlove was all about warmth and robustness. We made the palm on the original ski glove strong and robust so it wouldn’t get torn too easily by skis, and we designed the openings so that smartphones could be used without removing the gloves – dropped gloves and freezing hands avoided!!

The result of this was the original eGlove F3 and the Ski F3S:

Over the years we have taken the same approach to all of our gloves – make the best gloves we can afford with the most functionality. We want our wearers to LOVE them.

That’s our mission – for our customers to LOVE their eGloves.

The awards are great – we’ve won a few – the good reviews are lovely too… BUT, nothing beats a customer who has used their own hard earned cash going onto twitter or Facebook and saying “I love my eGloves!”

So, please share your eGlove LOVE! We'd love to see you out and about using your eGloves - the more extreme the better, providing its safe of course! 

Have a great day!