The eGlove guide to colour (and why we love it on our gloves!)

At eGlove, our mobile phone friendly gloves are developed with state-of-the-art fabrics, scientific testing and proven technological process.. but that’s not to say we don’t also incorporate a good dose of the touchy-feely stuff too.

Although we want our sports and leather gloves to work hard, last a long time and provide a good sturdy grip - we also want them to make you feel good whilst you’re wearing them. We’ve taken time to make sure our gloves don’t itch or irritate, that they don’t feel damp and soggy, they keep your hands cosy and envelope your hands in a lovely, reassuring hug - every time you slip a pair on.

We’ve also worked hard on the stylish touches so eGloves look great as well as feel great. And last but not least, we’ve thought a lot about colour.

The eGlove team like to think we’ve come up with a collection of gloves in colours to suit all sorts. And it helps that we’re a team who love a splash of colour. Nikki rocks a rainbow when she’s out for a run and always like to add a pop of colour to her glam black evening attire. James loves a fabulously floral shirt or bright blue suede shoes and if there’s an opportunity to incorporate some neon into a sports outfit - he’ll take it every time.


There’s a fabulous choice of colours to choose from in all of our eGlove ranges.

Our running gloves come in blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, green and orange (phew). And black and grey too if you like to keep things a little more neutral. Our cycle gloves come in orange, green… and classic black, and our horse-riding gloves come in 14 different hues (take a look if you don’t believe us).

So it’s actually becoming a bit of a challenge to choose a favourite from our extensive palette! We’d suggest that you opt for a different colour for every day of the week (but we’re bound to say that). Alternatively you could read on to see what we’ve found out about how your choice of eGlove colour could influence your mood and performance and perhaps this might help you decide….

We’ve been looking into the mysterious world of colour psychology.

How colour affects our feelings and behaviour and how adding a splash of yellow or blue might make all the difference to our day. Although it’s all a little bit hippy and not fully scientifically proven, like most important insight, it’s grounded in common sense and certainly resonates with us at eGlove…

Perceptions of colour are always going to be subjective… influenced by personal preference, fashion and trends - and what colour your least favourite auntie’s cardigan was when you were little. The idea of ‘warm’ colours (red, orange and yellows) and ‘cool’ colours (blues and greens) are universally recognised but if you’ve ever met a ‘colour me beautiful’ consultant (ask your mum) you’ll realise that reds can be cool or warm and turquoise is often hot, hot, hot.

If incorporating colour into your outfit can change the way you feel, then perhaps popping on a pair of eGloves in a particular colour could really pump you up?

You could, in theory, boost your energy levels and manage another lap or two, increase your competitive spirit and cycle a little bit harder, or feel a bright and positive glow as you head out on your commute on a rainy Monday morning. It may be hocus pocus, but even if it’s just a case of adding an injection of a colour to ignite good memories.. it’s worth considering.

Blue brings to mind feelings of calmness and order.


Possibly a good choice if you have a tendency to be disorganised, perpetually in a rush and likely to start a run or ride with your tee shirt on inside out. Blue is linked to stability and reliability and has the potential to lower the pulse rate and bring your body temperature down. If you’d like to be considered a ‘cool customer’ - going about your day in a calm and measured way, perhaps bring blue into your life. Blue has long been regarded as a good colour for workspaces as people are proven to be more productive in blue spaces so… why not step into the blue?

Pink is generally perceived to have a calming influence (that’s why ‘drunk tank pink’ is the preferred shade for prison interiors) - but hot pink is more feisty.


Stimulating and vivacious, hot pink can inspire feelings of joy and euphoria. It might make you want to head for the great outdoors and run around just for the hell of it so hot pink could well improve your sporting fervour. Hot pink is regarded as being vibrant and a little bit flirty so that’s definitely the eGlove shade for you if there’s someone who takes your fancy on the Park run circuit, or if you want to catch someone’s eye on the 7.20 to Waterloo.

Yellow is the most attention grabbing colour - often used on traffic signs and adverts to shout ‘look at me’.


Bright yellow is considered to be energising, cheering, uplifting and invigorating. The perfect colour to kick off the day with, slipping on a pair of yellow eGloves could make you feel energised and may even increase your metabolism (yes, really). Now that can’t be a bad thing if your exercise regime is geared towards losing a few pounds… beach body ready in next to no time.

Green’s link to all things natural means it’s likely to bring feelings of tranquility, relaxation and positivity.


‘Green Rooms’ exist to calm the nerves of over anxious stars before they appear in front of the camera. Forest green (like our leather eGloves) is calming and a more vibrant green (like our classic running gloves and eGlove branding) can stimulate a rush of endorphins because of its link to new growth and childhood memories of running free. Now who doesn’t want to feel a bit like that as they head out for a run, or step out of the door for the day? Looks like it’s green for you if you could do with a little morning motivation.

It goes without saying that we’ve gathered this insight with absolutely no scientific research whatsoever (unlike the process we used when we developed our eGloves) but that said, we’re pretty confident that there’s some truth in it. In conclusion, blue’s for you if you need some calm in your life, pink will bring a little kaapoww, yellow is for endless energy and green might just get you going. So maybe that summary will help you decide which eGlove colour is a bit of you. To be honest, we think we could do with a bit of all of that - so we’re going for a pair in every colour.

Here’s to adding a little more colour to our lives. Go on - get eGloved up.