Getting to know Lucja!

Next up, we are thrilled to get some time with Lucja aka Running Dutchie! Lucja has recently completed #500kin5days and the Marathon Des Sables amongst other fantastic achievements!

Name: Lucja Leonard

Twitter / Facebook / website details: @runningdutchie – twitter
Web -

Main Sport / Activity: Running

When did you start: 2007

Favourite eGlove: XTREME pink touch screen gloves

Most memorable achievement?: Completing the Transgrancanaria race before the cut off!! Took me 29.5hrs and I nearly didn’t make it!

Sell your sport to us in 20 words!: Ultra running is about adventure & breaking boundaries.  It has opened up a world of beauty that I never knew existed before.

What was the best decade for you?: The current one of course – life just gets better!

What is your favourite song from that decade?: It’s not from this decade but AC/DC Highway to Hell – it gets played every day at the start of MdS and never fails to get me pumped!

Sporting Hero? My husband, Dion

Pre event ritual? Shellac for my toenails!

Mantra: “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” Rocky

EDITORS NOTE: Please go to Lucja's blog - it's an incredible read from a remarkable athlete that's been on an amazing journey! There's also a rather nice review of eGlove XTREME Ultra Run Gloves! :-) You can read it here