Knowing me, knowing you - Part 2

So first in the chair was Jessica - and now it's Anna!! Enjoy!!

Name: Anna Smith-James

Twitter / Facebook / website details: @AnnaTheApple88 (Twitter), (website), @AnnaTheAppleBlog (Instagram)

Main Sport / Activity: Running

When did you start: 2011

Favourite eGlove: eGlove Sport Touchscreen Running glove in all black!

Most memorable achievement?: Having run six marathons

Sell your sport to us in 20 words!: Good for the body, good for the soul and mind. A great way to get outside and get the endorphins going. It's not always rainbows and butterflies but those hard runs make it all worth while.

What was the best decade for you?: This one. So much has changed for me and I've grown as a person.

What is your favourite song from that decade?: Too many! It changes all the time.

Sporting Hero? Jessica Ennis-Hill

Pre event ritual? Good breakfast, black coffee and a "safety" wee (just to check!) and plaster a smile on my face.

Mantra: I am strong. I can do this.

EDITORS NOTE: Anna's blog from May about the Boston Marathon is one of the most read items we've been lucky enough to receive! Definitely worth a follow!! 

Anna rocking the eGlove Sports! 

Anna rocking the eGlove Sports!