Knowing me, knowing you - Part 1

So in a frantic desire to try and get more blog content, we thought we would do a little survey so you could get to know our wearers better!!

First up - it's Jess Leroy...

Name: Jessica Leroy

Twitter: @Leroyeventing



Main Sport / Activity:

Horse riding – eventing but also dabble in the world of dressage

When did you start?

First pony aged 7 (1997), first sat on a horse age 6 weeks. My mother had horses.

Favorite eGlove:

Love the eQuest Winter Elite horse riding gloves. I’m very much a person to suffer with cold fingers so doing the yard and riding horses in freezing temperatures is pretty tough! Winter elite made the cold months bearable. Plus I can use my phone without taking my gloves off. Bliss.

Most memorable achievement?:

This year has been a great year so far and the best one yet! Smokey and I have obtained a regional final qualification for an attempt to enter the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Cup. To gain a RF qualification you have to come in the top 10% of a national competition. To qualify for Badminton you need to come in the top 20% of a regional final against some very tough competition. Fingers crossed for us in October.

2nd best achievement is qualifying both horses for a dressage championship at Cobham Manor – competition date is end of August.

Sell your sport to us in 20 words!:

The truest test of equestrianism. You need to be effortless and elegantly in the dressage, careful and gymnastic in the Showjumping and bold, brave and fast in Cross Country. (29 words but it’s sort of 3 disciplines rolled into 1 sports so more words are allowed right?!?!)

What was the best decade for you?:

Ask me in another 2 decades time, I’ve only lived through 2 (and a bit)! But would have to be the 90’s as that’s the decade I was born in….

What is your favorite song from that decade?:

Wow. That’s tough! For entertainment value and a dance around it would have to be MC Hammer – Can’t touch this….

Sporting Hero?

Event rider Mary King.

Pre event ritual?

Make sure I eat something! Even if it’s attempting to force half a banana down me. I also live on Lucozade Sport on evening days – can’t live without it! 


A wonderful quote from my main coach and Dad – “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

Thanks, Jess

EDITORS NOTE: As with all of our athletes, Jess has an amazing story to tell - we'd recommend her blogs and facebook page - not least because there are some great pictures!! 

Here are Jess and Smokey - in this pic she is wearing our eQuest Grip Pro riding gloves!

Here are Jess and Smokey - in this pic she is wearing our eQuest Grip Pro riding gloves!

eGlove eQUEST Winter Elite - Jess' favourite gloves!

eGlove eQUEST Winter Elite - Jess' favourite gloves!