How do Touchscreen Gloves Work?

How do touchscreen gloves work with smartphones?
Once upon a time touch screen devices used a type of screen called resistive touch screens. These screens were pretty simple. Basically, the screen would squish when someone pressed on it. The touch screen would sense where it was squished and register a touch input there. That’s why people could use pencils, pens, and wear gloves and use their smartphones or those handheld devices Royal Mail and Parcelforce postmen use!
Over the last few years, touchscreens have become more complicated though. Today, we use capacitive touch screens. These types of touch screens offer many improvements over the resistive type. For example, they can “see” more than one finger on the screen, which makes things like pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling possible. They are also a lot more accurate so you can quickly and easily interact with them – to use the touchscreen keyboard or interact with your favorite sports app! They are a lot more durable and have a much longer lifespan than the resistive type. They also aren’t as prone to mis-dials whilst in your pocket...
However, they present other problems - these touchscreens only work with certain materials. Here’s the science part… Technically, they were designed to work with skin. When a person touches a capacitive touch screen they create a disruption in an electronic field on the screen. The touch screen watches for this disruption and says, “Hey, someone just touched that part of the screen so let’s do something there.” Pencils, pens, and cotton don’t create the disruption needed for the touch screens to see. People often think it’s to do with heat – but it’s the disruption that is key!
Touch screen gloves work by simulating human touch. Don’t worry though, It’s not some weird horror movie kind of thing where the gloves are covered in human skin. It turns out certain conductive materials effectively mimic skin and create that disruption capacitive touch screens require to work! Clever huh? The fingertips of all our eGlove  sports gloves are coated in this type of material. They are also made to be the best Sport Gloves they can be!
So whether you are running, cycling, riding, walking, boarding or skiing – you can stay warm and connected!