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Nikki's Guest Blog - Marathon Training

Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat (AKA Marathon Training!)

So, there are moments when running seems to take over more than usual of my life! I am currently in week 12 of a 16 week training plan that takes me to the Paris Marathon on 3rd April. I love marathon running and I love a plan and lists, lots of lists, but, at the moment THE PLAN is dominating all of my lists and am I frankly feeling a bit like ok now jog on and let’s get this marathon done.  Sadly, it is not close enough for me to taper and these weeks are all about fine tuning and completing the last of the long runs.  So THE PLAN must be followed and things like visiting friends, going out, doing household chores (not worried too much by this one) and looking after my family kind of have to slot in. I ran my long run last week on a Thursday afternoon, which was strange. I have become quite good at running at different times of the day and varying the speeds I do these, this helps my body not get used to one time of day and one speed.  On marathon day anything can happen and speeds can vary depending on how many runners are around you, if you are taking on fuel, or have had to visit one of the “toilets” enroute, finger’s crossed that won’t happen.  So if you have run at different speeds it should be easy to adapt.

The final instructions for the Paris Marathon were also emailed today.  This is a pretty impressive 5 page document all about the last long run and tapering and what to expect.  It has great quotes in there too – “you are on the cusp of a formidable achievement.” “Don’t be shy, but don’t be reckless either.” 

With the long run planned, I am running to a local parkrun with a friend, running that and then running back.  I like breaking up the run into sections and also enjoy the company on the runs.  The fuel is ready, kit etc ready, hopefully the snow will not fall.  That left just the “steady one hour” to do and I found every excuse not to go out before pulling on my very bright run tights and heading out in between downpours.  I managed to find some sunshine and hit the local trails and in that little hour I reminded myself why I love to run and that having a plan is a good thing and that it will eventually be over and I will miss THE PLAN! Being outside, in the woods and having them pretty much to yourself is amazing, you get to see tiny little birds flying, groups of tadpoles in the tiny streams and even the odd deer or two. I came back with a smile on my face and mud on my shoes.  Now I guess I ought to tackle some of those household chores………