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Our favourite Sports Trackers

Our favourite Sports Trackers!

One of the whole points of eGlove Touchscreen Sports Gloves is that they enable use of Smartphone Apps with your gloves on! So, with that in mind, we've made a list of our favourite ones!!

Don't agree? Have we missed one? Feel free to add your faves in the comments!

1) Nike + - Android / iOS - FREE - For us, this is where it all began - initially it was the only tracker you could get with an iPod Nano (with foot pod attached to your trainers). It synch'd to Daily Mile and was the most exciting thing ever!! Even now, Nike + is a great app with plenty of functionality. I've always found it accurate and easy to use. It's number 1 given it's importance in the eGlove story, but it's not one I use anymore.

2) Strava - Android / iOS - Free - Strava is our current preferred app for running and cycling. I think it's the community element that makes it so good. Personally I don't find it particularly accurate (overstates), and I find the fact it only goes to 1 decimal point frustrating. Also, the verbal feedback doesn't align with the screen (i.e. the verbal says I have done 3 miles say, and yet the screen is 20 - 30 seconds behind!). Hmmm... Am I actually talking myself out of this one? Have I mentioned the community / group element?

3) Map my Fitness / Map my Run - Android / iOS - Free - What I like about this one is the ability to track many different activities. It might not be the most accurate at doing that, but it's better than nothing!! When running, it's as good as anything else I have tried, but I don't know why it's not my preferred option. Good starter app for anyone getting into fitness - especially as it sych's with My Fitness Pal (another app but this time for counting and recording calories and weight!).

4) Zombies, Run - Android / iOS - Free but needs premium subscription - I tried Zombies, Run as I had heard so much about it. I hadn't thought it through though really as I don't like to wear headphones. Oops! So, Zombies, Run! puts you in the shoes of Runner Five, racing to save your life and the people of Abel Township. Zombies, Run! gamifies your running with radio play-style missions delivering an ever-unfolding storyline for players to enjoy as you run. It's pretty cool!

Others - I've tried Endmondo, Runkeeper and Runtastic (all Free on both Android and iOS) - they are all perfectly fine! In the end the key is to find one that does what you want it to! I think I am going back to Nike + perhaps because it's familiar!

Anyway, what do you think? Leave a comment with your faves and why!!