These headphones ROCK!!

Winter Running Headphones

Urbanista Night Runner - Rio EUR 39.99 - Boston EUR 69.99

At eGlove we've often considered selling complimentary products that we love...

These amazing earphones have got our juices flowing again - we love 'em!!

Urbanista are a Swedish lifestyle brand specialising in portable audio, for the urbanites (although I can't see why these would be popular just in urban areas!). They've recently launched a new Night Runner Sports headphone range - and these bad boys have reflective cabling! As anyone who runs at night will know - you can never have enough high vis or reflective stuff on!! 

There are currently 2 designs in the range - tangle-free Rio and wireless Boston. As you'd expect at this price point, high quality sound is a given, and they have a comfortable ergonomic fit... They are also water repellant (sweat or rain) which is handy when you run in the UK! 

Urbanista say they are compatible with iPhones, Android devices and Windows phones (which pretty much covers everything these days!) - although surely the wired version will work with anything that has a headphone socket??

These a bit pricey for you? They also have other ranges that start from EUR 19.99 - so there is something for all budgets (they even have some in eGlove Green!! We LOVE them!!)

Thankfully they have no content filter, so I can still listen to the 80's Wham! classics... Bonus!!

Only remaining question...

Should we stock them? earGloves has a catchy ring to it don't you think??