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Nikki's Guest Blog - Unexpected Races!

Unexpected Races!

So, I found myself heading to Bramley for a 20 mile race. It fitted in with my training programme and I was very much thinking of using it as a catered training run. No route to plan and fuel along the way if I had used all mine, what's not to love?! It was freezing cold and I spent far too much time at home debating with myself what top/s to wear; would it be a long sleeved base layer and a parkrun shirt over the top, a long sleeved top or just a short sleeved top? The more races I do, the more fussing I do and I ended pretty much taking everything and a change of clothes for after the race. Stopping at Winchester services I caught my first glance of other runners and they were all wearing shorts, I worried I was going to be too warm in my Puma run tights. 
The car parking for the race was about a mile walk from the headquarters and so, I lugged all of my stuff along with me, getting funny looks from others who were just carrying a small bag!! Never mind, I was all cosy with my Zaini hat, scarf and eGloves keeping me warm. In the female changing we were all fussing about what to wear, decision made and it was parkrun 100 shirt, headband, buff around the neck and eGlove Sport running gloves. Bag dropped, bin bag worn, porta loo stop done and then I was standing in a queue of people nervously chatting with the faint aroma of deep heat wafting around the line. 
Prompt start and we headed off on the lovely local roads, the 10 mile and the 20 mile all mingled together. Fantastic marshals, great support, lovely route and spit on mile markers. The first 10 mile loop went according to my "sort of" plan of 1hr 30 and then I would see how it went. The second loop and there was a slight wind, and the hills seemed hillier. I gobbled down two organix date and bananas baby food bar things and two dextrose tablets throughout the race.  Less fuel than I normally use, but wanted to see how it went. I also had some Nuun tablets in my water bottle. I don't like to see discarded gel wrappers etc on the roads and discovered another use for the run eGloves, I shoved the wrappers inside, didn't annoy me at all which was good. I kept just saying in my head each mile, trying to run the mile I was in. The only way I broke the race down was breaking it into 5 mile sections. No headphones allowed on the race, quite rightly as the roads are not closed to traffic and we had to keep left as traffic passes, more cars than I thought too. 
A bit of showboating at mile 8, I can't help myself, then I dug deep and crossed the line in 3:03. Pretty pleased with that and as pleased with the fact that I drove myself there, had no one there which is sort of empowering!
Lovely goodie bag and medal and trolley keying thing. Highly recommend this race and will be back next year, but with a bit more notice next time!!

Until next time,

Nikki x

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