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The eGlove EQUEST riding glove range explained!

We're often asked "which is the best glove for me?" so over the next few weeks, we'll give you a run down!!

Let's start with the eGlove EQUEST horse riding glove range:

So, we've got 2 styles - the EQUEST GripPro and the EQUEST Winter Elite.

The GripPro range comes in 3 traditional colours (with Navy Blue coming soon!). Like all of our gloves, we start off by making the best riding glove we can, then add the touchscreen bit! The feedback we get is that they are comfortable, hardwearing, and wash up well!! They are designed to be worn tight so that you retain "feel" on the reins. As they are a thin glove, they won't be the warmest - but that's the trade off for feel.

This time of year, the Winter Elite Riding Glove is particularly popular. It's really snug to wear, and has a nice feel from a riders perspective. The short cuff allows for freedom of movement for riding, and they aren't so thick that you lose the feel through the reins! Best of all these are a great all round winter glove - you can wear them to the yard, in the yard, and whilst riding. They wash up well and the all black features mean you can wear them as an all round glove, with casual or smart clothes! Oh and of course, they are touchscreen friendly!

Take a look here for more details!

Finally, I'm going to put a random one out there...

Our XTREME range have much in common with the Winter Elite, but are a little more hardcore, and a little less riding specific! They have more water resistance and a windstopper membrane to help keep the chill out! The thick tight cuff keeps the element on the outside, and the warmth in! Whilst these are not designed to ride in, many people do and love them when out hacking! We'd say these were more of a yard glove, and as you'd expect, they are fully machine washable! The XTREME range comes in Black, Back with Hi-Vis Green and Pink. Take a look here

We hope this helps? You may already know, we love hearing from customers and anyone that has a question or a comment! So please get in touch!!