New to a sport or activity? Where to find help?

Technology is a marvellous thing!

Here at eGlove, we are luck to be able to speak to many sports people - and within that group we include anyone from the elite (Pam Thorburn, British Ski-X Champion, for example), through to new starters in any given sport or activity.

There a certain things that all newbies and intermediates will ask at some point - whether it be about kit, events, injuries, or a plethora of other things... So, where can you find the answers to those questions, and more general help and support?

Increasingly, the answer to that seems to be Twitter. Over the last few years there have been a whole range of groups that have started out, becoming great communities and a fantastic resource! Groups like @ukrunchat , @horsehour, @ukmarathonchat, @equinehour, @ukcyclechat to name but a few are going from strength to strength.

We've been a part of @ukrunchat #ukrunchat pretty much since it started, and we have seen it grow and become a vitally important part of many people lives and training - why? Well I think it's because many of these activities are quite lonely (for many that is the attraction) but consequently, there might be a lack of technical support in someone's real world, so Twitter and the chat hours become a great way of picking up tips, reassurance, equipment advice etc.

So, if you aren't already, get yourself on Twitter and find these communities! Please use the comments page to share the communities you can recommend to others!!

Team eGlove @egloveuk