To Tri, or not to Tri, that is the question...

Last night I was out for dinner with some friends. I must have had a few beers, because I found myself agreeing to do a Sprint Triathlon next May.

I run regularly (in fact it was the frustration of trying to use my original iPhone in winter with run gloves on that in part led to the Birth of eGlove!), so a 5K really doesn't worry me. The bike ride of 24K will be a breeze - although I recently sold my road bike, so that's something I need to replace.... BUT.... The swim (only 200m) TERRIFIES ME!!

My eGlove partner Neil does Triathlon, and he speaks of being pushed under the water, a mass of bodies, finding it hard to get clear air to breathe due to all the splashing. Like I said, TERRIFYING!!!

In fact, when I have spoken to runners and bikers over the years the one thing that seems to put everyone off is the swim. I can understand why:

  • Technique - Now I don't know about you, but I struggle with front crawl - I can do it, and was a reasonable swimmer when I was at school, but that was over 30 years ago! I suspect it's because I try and swim too fast, so maybe I can conquer this, but the utter humiliation of poorly constructed breast stroke for 8 of the 9 lengths is too much!
  • Other swimmers - This is the scariest thing! Does it really resemble all in wrestling? I know enough about life to know wrestling and water are not a good mix. Brrrr... I'm shuddering at the thought!!
  • Kit - Like most men of my age (late 40's) I don't look great in budgie smugglers (by that I mean hideous), so they are OUT. I deeply suspect that as this event is in May and indoors, a tri wetsuit will look ridiculous... Can I get away with a bright pink pair of Ralph Lauren Polo swim shorts? They, like me however, are not built for speed...
  • Swim cap. Erm... Must I?

So, there you have it. All the reasons I am bricking it - but I have said yes now... Damn. 

Oh no, TRANSITION has just occurred to me... Transition... 


Luckily through contacts I have via eGlove, there are a few people I might be able to get some help from. eGlove Neil of course, plus on Twitter the amazing @Rhalou who recently went through this journey, and @Susie__Chan (the legend). I've mentioned on here before about the great support groups that can be found on social media - this is definitely one for my friends at @uksportchat vis their triathlon themed group @uktrichat.

So, people of the Southern Home Counties come May 2016 if you see a bloke in his late 40's, carrying a bit of timber, looking ridiculous 'cos he's got it all wrong, and he is currently racing a Tri course on a mountain bike wearing nothing but a pair of the aforementioned pink swim shorts, that'll be me!! 

Until next time,

eGlove James