EGlove’s Nikki runs the London marathon (again)…

There were tears, there was laughter, there was a lady dressed as a loo roll and there were more than 40,000 runners speeding, jogging and walking around London …and raising millions of pounds for charity.


Yes, the 39th London Marathon was a joy to behold and we were especially proud to see Nikki, in her official role as Pacer this year, helping to get some of the runners round the course in good time and in one piece.

The London Marathon has been host to runners of all ages and levels of experience since 1981. It’s been estimated that over a billion pounds has been raised over the years and there have been thousands of stories of heroism, dedication and eccentricity ever since.

This year, more than 386 thousand people applied for the gruelling running race, which stretched around 26.2 miles of London landmarks.

The winner of the men’s race (for the fourth time) was the awesome Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya who ran the second fastest time in history - 2 hours, 2 minutes and 38 seconds (phew). Kenya’s incredible Brigid Kosgei won the women’s race (and the record for youngest female winner at just 25). The oldest finisher was Eileen Noble who at 84 completed her 19th marathon. Nikki ran the marathon in 5 hours 45 in her role as pacer which meant she had a bit of more time than usual to soak up the atmosphere and share encouraging words with lots of new dedicated running friends.


Every year there are plenty of record attempts and this year was no different. A whopping 38 running records were broken including ‘fastest marathon dressed as a zombie’, fastest marathon dressed as a shoe, fastest marathon in a sleeping bag and fastest marathon dressed as an egg. One of our favourite costume-wearers was Luke Bates who was aiming for ‘record time dressed as Big Ben’. He ran brilliantly, but didn’t quite make it - partly because his costume was too big to fit under the finish line. Oops. Nikki was kitted out in her official running pacers’ garb - striking turquoise running top and perfectly co-ordinated ‘Run London’, special edition running trainers.


Since Sunday we’ve picked up quite a few random marathon-running facts. Very useful if you’re taking part in a sports themed pub quiz anytime soon. So…did you know:

#1 The marathon is a celebration of the legendary Greek soldier Pheidippides. He is said to have run over 25 miles from the battle of Marathon to Athens Town to deliver news of a Greek victory, only to promptly collapse and die.

#2 More accountants run the London marathon than any other profession.

#3 Runners have to pass 84 tempting pubs en route to the London marathon finish line.

#4 The marathon we’d most like to take part in is the Walt Disney World Marathon which goes through Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

#5 11 people have run every single London marathon, since it started in 1981.

#6 The ‘Man versus Horse’ marathon takes place every year in Llanwrtyd, Wales.  A horse won for the first 24 years until elite marathoner, Huw Lob, became the first human victor.

#7 British astronaut, Tim Peake ran the London marathon from space in April 2016.

#8 The record for fastest marathon while running backwards is just 3 hours, 43 minutes.

#9 The most indulgent marathon is the Marathon du Medoc in France which starts with a sip of wine, after which runners head through vineyards, greeted by 22 refreshment sands, 21 gourmet food stalls and a red carpet finish.

#10 A person’s chances of dying while running a marathon are much, much lower than if they’re canoeing, cycling or mountain climbing.

If you (like us) are feeling thoroughly inspired by Sunday’s fantastic event and are now itching to enter next year’s London Marathon, then you’d better get your skates on - the ballot is already open and it closes TODAY - Friday at 5pm! Find out more here. If you don’t make it this year, there’s always next year so keep on running!

The eGlove guide to colour (and why we love it on our gloves!)

At eGlove, our mobile phone friendly gloves are developed with state-of-the-art fabrics, scientific testing and proven technological process.. but that’s not to say we don’t also incorporate a good dose of the touchy-feely stuff too.

Although we want our sports and leather gloves to work hard, last a long time and provide a good sturdy grip - we also want them to make you feel good whilst you’re wearing them. We’ve taken time to make sure our gloves don’t itch or irritate, that they don’t feel damp and soggy, they keep your hands cosy and envelope your hands in a lovely, reassuring hug - every time you slip a pair on.

We’ve also worked hard on the stylish touches so eGloves look great as well as feel great. And last but not least, we’ve thought a lot about colour.

The eGlove team like to think we’ve come up with a collection of gloves in colours to suit all sorts. And it helps that we’re a team who love a splash of colour. Nikki rocks a rainbow when she’s out for a run and always like to add a pop of colour to her glam black evening attire. James loves a fabulously floral shirt or bright blue suede shoes and if there’s an opportunity to incorporate some neon into a sports outfit - he’ll take it every time.


There’s a fabulous choice of colours to choose from in all of our eGlove ranges.

Our running gloves come in blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, green and orange (phew). And black and grey too if you like to keep things a little more neutral. Our cycle gloves come in orange, green… and classic black, and our horse-riding gloves come in 14 different hues (take a look if you don’t believe us).

So it’s actually becoming a bit of a challenge to choose a favourite from our extensive palette! We’d suggest that you opt for a different colour for every day of the week (but we’re bound to say that). Alternatively you could read on to see what we’ve found out about how your choice of eGlove colour could influence your mood and performance and perhaps this might help you decide….

We’ve been looking into the mysterious world of colour psychology.

How colour affects our feelings and behaviour and how adding a splash of yellow or blue might make all the difference to our day. Although it’s all a little bit hippy and not fully scientifically proven, like most important insight, it’s grounded in common sense and certainly resonates with us at eGlove…

Perceptions of colour are always going to be subjective… influenced by personal preference, fashion and trends - and what colour your least favourite auntie’s cardigan was when you were little. The idea of ‘warm’ colours (red, orange and yellows) and ‘cool’ colours (blues and greens) are universally recognised but if you’ve ever met a ‘colour me beautiful’ consultant (ask your mum) you’ll realise that reds can be cool or warm and turquoise is often hot, hot, hot.

If incorporating colour into your outfit can change the way you feel, then perhaps popping on a pair of eGloves in a particular colour could really pump you up?

You could, in theory, boost your energy levels and manage another lap or two, increase your competitive spirit and cycle a little bit harder, or feel a bright and positive glow as you head out on your commute on a rainy Monday morning. It may be hocus pocus, but even if it’s just a case of adding an injection of a colour to ignite good memories.. it’s worth considering.

Blue brings to mind feelings of calmness and order.


Possibly a good choice if you have a tendency to be disorganised, perpetually in a rush and likely to start a run or ride with your tee shirt on inside out. Blue is linked to stability and reliability and has the potential to lower the pulse rate and bring your body temperature down. If you’d like to be considered a ‘cool customer’ - going about your day in a calm and measured way, perhaps bring blue into your life. Blue has long been regarded as a good colour for workspaces as people are proven to be more productive in blue spaces so… why not step into the blue?

Pink is generally perceived to have a calming influence (that’s why ‘drunk tank pink’ is the preferred shade for prison interiors) - but hot pink is more feisty.


Stimulating and vivacious, hot pink can inspire feelings of joy and euphoria. It might make you want to head for the great outdoors and run around just for the hell of it so hot pink could well improve your sporting fervour. Hot pink is regarded as being vibrant and a little bit flirty so that’s definitely the eGlove shade for you if there’s someone who takes your fancy on the Park run circuit, or if you want to catch someone’s eye on the 7.20 to Waterloo.

Yellow is the most attention grabbing colour - often used on traffic signs and adverts to shout ‘look at me’.


Bright yellow is considered to be energising, cheering, uplifting and invigorating. The perfect colour to kick off the day with, slipping on a pair of yellow eGloves could make you feel energised and may even increase your metabolism (yes, really). Now that can’t be a bad thing if your exercise regime is geared towards losing a few pounds… beach body ready in next to no time.

Green’s link to all things natural means it’s likely to bring feelings of tranquility, relaxation and positivity.


‘Green Rooms’ exist to calm the nerves of over anxious stars before they appear in front of the camera. Forest green (like our leather eGloves) is calming and a more vibrant green (like our classic running gloves and eGlove branding) can stimulate a rush of endorphins because of its link to new growth and childhood memories of running free. Now who doesn’t want to feel a bit like that as they head out for a run, or step out of the door for the day? Looks like it’s green for you if you could do with a little morning motivation.

It goes without saying that we’ve gathered this insight with absolutely no scientific research whatsoever (unlike the process we used when we developed our eGloves) but that said, we’re pretty confident that there’s some truth in it. In conclusion, blue’s for you if you need some calm in your life, pink will bring a little kaapoww, yellow is for endless energy and green might just get you going. So maybe that summary will help you decide which eGlove colour is a bit of you. To be honest, we think we could do with a bit of all of that - so we’re going for a pair in every colour.

Here’s to adding a little more colour to our lives. Go on - get eGloved up.

The rise… and rise of running!

Since the 70s, running has been amongst the top exercise choices for the average man (or woman) in the street, but in the last decade it’s seen something of an explosion in popularity.

It seems everywhere you look, people are running… Running in marathons, running for charity, running from school drop-off, running in Santa outfits or running for their mental health… And we’re loving it!

At eGlove HQ, we’ve definitely got the running bug.

Nikki is a bit of an expert and, having run her fair share of marathons and half marathons, she doesn’t like to let a week go by without at least 3 runs under her belt. James is a little bit less obsessed, but is definitely not shy of getting his running shoes on. He ran 60km in November for Movember (the moustache growing proved to be one step too far) and has made it through many half marathons and fun runs in very respectable times (though Nikki usually leaves him for dust).

In 2016, the number of ‘runners’ in the UK tipped the 2 million mark and the number is still steadily increasing.

With the introduction and mega popularity of running apps like Strava, there’s a lot more info circulating about running too - for example UK runners clocked up 192 million km in 2017 and uploaded 24.7 million runs to Strava alone (whoa). It’s true to say that running apps definitely make a difference to many when it comes to motivation and inspiration. Being able to track performance level, improvement, calorie burn or just to have an alarm bugging you to get your shorts on can really helping to spur us runners along.

Running is theoretically one of the easiest sports to slot into your life and that’s one of the reasons so many people start.

You can break into a run pretty much anywhere and can (generally) run straight out of your front door - so no need for expensive gym membership or fancy equipment (apart from a pair of phone friendly eGloves ;-). A 30 minute jog, a couple of times a week gets you well on the way to the recommended activity level for adults and there’s the potential to combine it with your commute, the school run or a bit of bonding time with friends or the kids - bonus.

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a bit of a loner, you can still run.

You can go solo with nothing but an awesome playlist of run friendly tunes or if you like something a little more sociable there’s always the parkrun phenomenon to consider. What began 14 years ago as a Bushy Park based fun-run has grown… and grown… and is now a worldwide weekend must-do activity, embraced by around 250,000 people a week. One brilliant thing about parkrun is that it’s free to take part (it’s largely run by volunteers) but even more brilliant is the fact it’s so inclusive. You can be a beginner or a Bolt and either way you’ll be very welcome… and it doesn’t matter if you’re 8, 28 or 80. There’s always a jolly atmosphere at parkrun events, plenty of camaraderie and lots of lovely like-minded people to chat to (even if you’re struggling for breath and are mostly nodding and grimacing). We’d definitely recommend parkrun as a great route into running and you can find everything you need to know about events local to you from the parkrun website here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.18.19.png

More and more women are taking up running of late and there’s been a major drive to encourage this from organisations like ’This Girl Can’ who aim to promote an active lifestyle and encourage the concept that there’s no ‘right way’ to get active. This Girl Can is funded by The National Lottery and with community discussions and an inspirational instagram feed, it’s definitely a good place to start if you’re wanting to run but are a little bit worried about how to go about it (and not give up).

If running appeals but you just don’t know how to break into it then ‘Couch to 5K’ could be perfect for you.

It aims to get you from a standstill to a steady pace over a series of weeks and literally walks you through the process via podcast, a downloadable schedule and lots of brilliant guidelines. It helps with motivation, keeping a steady trajectory, avoiding injury and building stamina, so before you know it, you can call yourself a real runner. The NHS is a huge advocate of the C25K programme because anyone can do it…. and it’s free. You can find all the info here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.16.18.png

If a C25K, parkrun, or even a 26 mile-er is not enough of a challenge for you then there’s always ultra marathon running (gulp). Now so many people are running, to some, being just a runner isn’t enough so there’s the six-day, 165km Oman Desert Marathon for example… or the the 155 mile Gobi March. Recognised as generating awesome levels of euphoria and a huge sense of achievement there are now more than 60 ultra races around the globe so there’s no shortage of ultrarun events for you to get involved with if you fancy something a little more hardcore than a jog around the block.

At eGlove we’re massive advocates of the benefits of being out in the Great Outdoors, whether you’re running, walking or sitting on a blanket eating an elaborate picnic.

If you can’t remember the last time you ran anywhere though (apart from that time you nearly missed the bus) then we’d encourage you to just give it a try. Go on-just down to the next junction… or round the garden a few times. Breathe, smile, get some music on your phone to listen to… and tomorrow try doing it again. It might just turn out that you get bitten by the running bug too and parkrun, half marathons and ultra marathon euphoria might just be the next thing around the corner….

If you’re starting running and want to keep your hands cosy whilst you’re out - but you still need to be able to operate your running app or C25K podcast - head over and take a look at our eGlove run gloves here.

What do I do if I need to return something?

We’ve always tried to be different with returns - we just want our wearers to love their eGloves, and we’ll do what we can to try and ensure that happens.

We no longer supply to third parties, so if you have eGloves they are most likely from us - either from the website, our Amazon store, our new eBay store or from any of the retail or trade events we attend.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • If you want to exchange the gloves, and they are in pristine condition we will always oblige. Could be due to size, or colour, or style. We don’t mind.

  • In the unlikely event of there being an issue with quality or performance issue - again, we are happy to replace.

  • If you want a refund, no problem, but you will need to go through the channel that you purchased them so the payment can be reversed. Please bear in mind that if the gloves are not in pristine condition, we’ll ask on what basis you think a refund is appropriate. We’re not looking to be awkward - on the contrary - we are keen to understand the reasons so we can look to improve our gloves!

  • We’re a small family business and are pretty relaxed about the whole thing - all we ask is for that not to be abused.

Regardless of whether you want an exchange or refund, please raise a ticket at the returns page… CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 07.53.34.png

Christmas at eGlove - Give the gift of GLOVE ❤️

Pam T Xmas.jpg

As we all know, EVERYONE would love a pair of eGloves for Christmas! But, buying gloves for someone else can be stressful, so we are here to take the hassle out of it!

First things first, when do you have to order them by? According to the Royal Mail Website, here are the key dates!


Official Royal Mail last delivery times.

UK :

Tuesday 18 December    2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Thursday 20 December    1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Friday 21 December    Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®


Tue 4 December - Africa, Middle East

Fri 7 December - Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Sat 8 December - Caribbean, Central and South America

Mon 10 December - Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand

Fri 14 December - Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and USA

Sat 15 December - Finland, Sweden

Mon 17 December - Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland

Tue1 8 December - Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

What if they don’t like them, or if they are the wrong size?

No problem, as a small business, customer service is what we do best - so we offer an extended returns period until the end of January… No questions asked. None. Nada. Obviously we can only provide refunds to the original purchaser, but we can exchange if the recipient would rather deal with us directly!

Basically, we are here to help!

…and finally.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish all our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mountain Bike

It’s a great time of year to get on your bike (and get your eGloves on!)

This time of the year is brilliant for biking. With the roads a little quieter, the clocks still giving us plenty of daylight and the awesome autumn colours blazing, it’s the perfect time to dust of that bike and hit the leafy road (or off-road). 

Whether you’re a rather wobbly beginner or a super advanced cyclist there are loads of organisations and organised events which can help get you out there, enjoying the open road and improving your fitness and performance all at the same time. As a great start point, check out which is full of useful event guides as well as super cool cycles to coo over and inspirational sporting stories. We also like the website which has some great route guides and some really handy guides to year round bike maintenance.

Autumn is a great time to try out some of the fantastic Cycling Sportives that are taking place across the country too. Different from races, these organised cycle tours give you an opportunity to ride alongside other like minded cyclists, enjoy some of the best of the British countryside and challenge yourself to make it around whatever distance and climb suits your cycle-ability.

Getting kitted out is important because although we’re still seeing plenty of sunshine, there’s a definite nip in the air in the morning and evening. Carrying an extra layer such as a lightweight, waterproof jacket or some funky leg or arm warmers is a good idea. Early morning mist or dusk falling a little earlier than you expect means that having clean, effective lights on your bike is important and if it gets a bit drizzly, better get those mudguards out. If you like the thrill of after-dark cycling (there’s a great guide here) then high vis cycling gear is a must.

When it’s cold or rainy a good pair of gloves can make the all difference between a grim bike ride and a great bike ride. Ideally, the best cycling gloves give your hands room to move and let your skin breathe. They’ll keep your hands warm and dry, be windproof, be comfy and have grips in all the right places. At the same time they need to be lightweight enough for you to control your bike and feel what you’re doing. That’s a pretty long list.

At eGlove, we’re pretty pleased with our Cycling glove range. With 2 styles to choose from : our robust Mountain Biking Gloves and our weatherproof Winter Cycling Gloves, whether you’re a road rider or off-roader you can be sure of high performance and supreme comfort whilst you’re out on your bike. 

The ‘Bike Pro’ eGloves come in two vibrant colourways and feature tough finger protection, padded palm protection and short, comfort cuffs with adjustable velcro fastening. Like all our eGloves they also have touchscreen friendly fingertips so you don’t have to take them off if you want to take a photo or need to take a call.

The eBike Gel Pro eGloves have been tested through brutal head winds, the steepest climbs and the speediest descents to deliver a fantastic all-round performance. Windproof, water resistant and breathable as well as being machine washable. These warm cycling gloves would be ideal whether you’re on a wild autumn countryside cycle ride or you’re biking from the train station after a busy day at the office.

If you’re out and about on your bike this Autumn, we’d love to see you in action. Why not send us a selfie of you (and your eGloves) in action?