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Heli-Ski Touch Screen Ski Gloves

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There is no better way to rip up the powder or piste than with a pair of the latest in glove technology built to use your touch screen . Mitts are often the glove of choice when it comes to warmth, but the dexterity of opening zips and doing up your gear can make them clumsy in action. eGlove has spent over 12 months designing and testing our Heli range in the Canadian backcountry of Whistler BC and down the pistes of an epic winter at Val d'Isere in 2011/12.

Using high grade goat leather, they bring the ultimate soft feel and warmth. eGlove's unique oversealed ports ensure that the elements stay at bay and stay shut whilst in action. They also a provide fast and easy exit for your thumb and forefingers to quickly undo zips and accurately use your touchscreen phone using conductive finger tips. No more missed calls, accurate enough for texts or your favourite applications to track down friends or make that important calls in time of need. These gloves have been tested down to minus 20 degrees, outperforming all the competition when really required. The inner gloves are also made to keep wind and water at bay whilst still providing the breathability when you are ripping it up down the mountain. The inner glove is stitched in to provide those all important air pockets at the finger tips to retain mamximum warmth. Made with a large cuff to seal outside your jacket, complete with a leash and draw string to ensure you are set for all elements in the mountains.

These are the best Ski Mitts you will ever own. Don't compromise on your kit and feel the benefit. 

Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large

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Additional Info

High grade goat leather
High water-resistance, windproof inner and out glove fabric
Touchscreen conductive pads for use with all touch screen phones and other devices
Oversized self seal ports
Oversized cuffs
Wrist leash
Hand wash and dry naturally