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Removable Hydration Pack from eGlove


You arrive at a ski lift requiring the removal of your pack or need to sit down on a bus. Removing your pack can often look like getting out of a straight jacket, but not with the hard hitting F3 pack. Just simply grab the handle from behind your neck and away comes the pack from its harness to create a fast comfortable solution to the problem. Don't worry, it will not come away at high speed from the harness with its neat clip on your shoulder ensuring it won't leave you climbing back up the hill after a fall.

This pack provides the ultimate hydration unit for those looking for a little more from their sports equipment. As you would expect, high quality materials from eGlove bringing a dual compartment for hydration on one side and electronic/luggage items on the other. Including our 1ltr hydration bladder with its wide entry fill and cleaning design for ease of use.

This is our lightest and most aerodynamic pack for those looking for a close and adjustable fit with breathable mesh straps mounting the pack high up on your back to reduce load strain. Also designed with a robust smooth outer to take the hardest of hits.

It has subtle reflective stripes on the rear of the pack for low light safety and the perfect answer when you need to go the distance.

We also have a larger 1.5 ltr endurance hydration pack, in our eGlove range: Endurance Hydration Pack

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e-glove-hydration 2.jpg