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Endurance Hydration Pack from eGlove


Our Hydration Packs are praised as the best endurance pack available in the market. The pack is designed to be worn high up towards the shoulder to reduce the payload on the lower back of any sporting event or training session. Designed, then tested, re-design and tested again and again by competitors of ironman, ultra running, marathons, endurance cyclists before we brought you a pack you will forget you are wearing. Unlike other packs, this sits close to the body giving maximum streamlining against wind whilst in motion and offers subtle reflective detail to provide safety and comfort like nothing else out there.

When you are training for a long distance event, we guarantee this will be the best purchase you ever made.

The hydration bladder benefits from our wide fill opening and can be easily removed and cleaned when required. Also styled with a neat hanging handle when not in use.

Providing you with a 1.5 ltr hydration bladder in one compartment with the other area separating your fluid from your electronic or other important luggage items. The internal areas are accessed via our waterproof zips from top to bottom keeping out the elements. Coupled with our adjustable breathable mesh shoulder straps to avoid any discomfort on longer journeys plus a headphone loop to prevent the wires bashing you face and eventually falling out of your ears.

We also have a smaller 1 ltr removable hydration pack, in our eGlove range: Removable Hydration Pack

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